Builder Warranty Inspection

Every new home is built with at least a one year limited warranty. Warranties generally cover everything, even cosmetic coverings.  This inspector has yet to find a 1 year home in this building cycle without some cosmetic repairs.  The smart money is to ensure you the homeowner have a 3rd party professional prepare a report to encompass all the repairs necessary to the builder.  The smarter money is to have a Move-in or Phased inspection on that same new home, YES new homes do have errors (all the time)!
Letting the warranty expire on your new home without an independent inspection is like throwing money away!
A home inspection provides you with an independent opinion as to the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. The inspector typically spends between two to three hours evaluating a home for issues/problems or symptoms that should be resolved by the builder regarding the standard 1 year new construction warranty coverage. Covenant Property Inspections strongly encourages you to attend the inspection with our inspector so that you can ask questions and learn even more about your home.  In addition to finding repair items, our inspectors have a deep knowledge to make solid recommendations for sensible upgrades or alterations for the following:
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Safety improvements
  • Maintenance improvements
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • And Others
Structural Systems

Electrical Systems

HVAC Systems

Plumbing Systems




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