Warranty Inspections

Buyer Inspections

Warranty Inspections The warranty A newly constructed home will have at least a one year builder warranty, this is a very important part of the home purchase. Too many new home owners allow the warranty review to lapse due to the pace of life and subsequently miss out on possible $1000’s in builder covered repairs. The Inspection  Your Covenant Inspections professional will perform a complete and thorough review of:…

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Annual/Maintenance Inspections

Buying Inspections Having a precision buyer inspection when purchasing your new or existing home is vital, knowledge of the unknown is key. Knowledge of the condition and performance of a home at the time of the inspection can reveal much more than merely the “buy/Don’t Buy Decision” information. An experienced inspector will take the time to point out possible future areas of upgrade and items to watch as well…

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New Construction

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New Construction Final Inspections Many times new homes are fully completed before a set of phased inspections can be performed.  Ideally, when building a home opting for the phased inspection is unarguably the most prudent course of action, however this does come with a higher price tag; this added cost generally pays for itself by noting issues to be corrected BEFORE they can be covered up with: Insulation gypsum…

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