Attic Insulation Facts


Attic Insulation Facts Materials and Equipment (for investigating and adding insulation) Boards to walk on, if needed Tape measure Flashlight/headlight Hard hat or cap to protect head from sharp roofing nails Safety glasses, gloves and dust mask/protective face mask Tips and Safety Considerations Some attics have vermiculite insulation, which may contain asbestos. Vermiculite is a lightweight, pea-size, flaky gray mineral. Do not disturb vermiculite insulation unless you have had…

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Efficient Window Orientation

Efficient Window Orientation

Efficient Window Orientation Based on the movements of the sun, passive solar buildings typically have windows (glazing) on the southern facing side* of the building in order to absorb the sun’s heat energy to warm a building during the winter.  In order to stay cool in the summer, passive solar houses rely on a system of shading (or an overhang) to keep the building cool.  Proper passive design requires shading of…

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Properly Design And Size An HVAC

Man J

Properly Design And Size An HVAC System Manual J Load Calculations To Properly Design And Size An HVAC System the  Manual J is the first step and the most crucial. By following the Manual J methodology, HVAC designers are able to accurately determine the total amount of heat that is lost through the exterior of a home during the cooler months, and the total amount of heat that is gained…

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Double Pane Window Condensation


Double Pane Window Condensation Almost all air contains water vapor, the gas phase of water composed of tiny water droplets. The molecules in warm air are far apart from one another and allow the containment of a relatively large quantity of water vapor. As air cools, its molecules get closer together and squeeze the tiny vapor droplets closer together, as well. A critical temperature, known as the dew point,…

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Air Conditioning Inspection

Air conditioning inspection

Air Conditioning Inspection A building’s central air conditioning system must be periodically inspected and maintained to ensure proper function. While an annual inspection performed by a trained professional is highly recommended, homeowners can and should perform high-level maintenance and inspections on a monthly-to-quarterly basis themselves by following this guide. Clean the Condenser Unit The exterior condenser unit is the large box located on the side of the building that…

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50 Seller Spruce Up Tips

happy buyers 1

Seller Spruce Up eBook The following document of over 50 Seller Spruce Up Tips has been found to be of great resource to many clients of Covenant Property Inspections desiring to be proactive and truly engaged in the sale of their home. There simply is no replacement for good regular maintenance of systems of a home; likewise there is no replacement of having a Professional Inspector review your home,…

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Mold and Remediation

mold indoor air

Mold and Remediation Covenant Inspections/Randy Ryden is licensed by the Tx Dept. of Health to perform Mold Inspections — MAT1183 Mold in the Home Health concerns related to the growth of mold in the home have been featured heavily in the news.  Problems ranging from itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing to serious allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even the possibility of permanent lung damage can all be caused by…

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Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

The Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own     The following items are essential tools, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to ask an InterNACHI inspector during your next inspection about other tools that you might find useful.   1.  Plunger A clogged sink or toilet is one of the most inconvenient household problems, one will face. With a plunger on hand, however, one can usually remedy these…

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10 steps to save money and energy


10 steps to save money and energy Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their homes run on less energy, and here at InterNACHI, we want to change that. Drastic reductions in heating, cooling and electricity costs can be accomplished through very simple changes, most of which homeowners can do themselves. Of course, for homeowners who want to take advantage of the most up-to-date knowledge and…

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Hot water heater TPR valve facts


  TPR Valve Facts Leakage and Activation A properly functioning TPR valve will eject a powerful jet of hot water from the discharge pipe when fully activated, not a gentle leak. A leaky TPR valve is an indication that it needs to be replaced. In the rare case that the TPR valve does activate, the homeowner should immediately shut off the water and contact a qualified plumber for assistance…

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