Testimonial - 20 year old home

20 Year Home Inspection Testimonial


 I would hire again

Mr. Ryden did an exhaustive inspection of our home after our renters had moved out.  He took pictures of the items that needed repair and e-mailed them to me along with a complete report of what he viewed and smelled.  This was most helpful in that there had been a leak that our renters had not reported to us which needed to be addressed most rapidly to prevent mold/ mildew spread.  We are most grateful for his thorough inspection.  It helped us not only with the repairs but also with the amount of security deposit we needed to return to the former renters.  At the time, we lived too far way to be able to have eyes and ears (and noses) ‘on the ground’.

My husband and I have a home that we had rented out approximately 500 miles away from where we were living.  Since our renters were leaving, we were either going to live in or sell the house and we needed to have a trustworthy assessment of the condition of the house.  Mr. Ryden was professional, efficient and did a complete job providing prompt feedback and report on the condition in which our renters had left our house and what it would take to get the house ready for either sale or as our dwelling.  We were limited in the time and funds we would be able to spend re-habing the house so his eyes and ears were so very appreciated.  The day after Mr. Ryden did the inspection he e-mailed me pictures within the report with arrows to designate the exact areas of the items he found needing to be addressed with a detailed letter as to the nature and extent of the repairs needed.  This allowed my husband and me the ability to prioritize our repair list and most efficiently use our time an funds.  Mr. Ryden was very thorough and we most definitely appreciate his work.

K. James, Seller
Georgetown, TX, 78628