Annual/Maintenance Inspections

36 Year Home Inspection Testimonial

We were very sad to find that the 36 year-old home had so many issues that guided us to pass on the purchase but that just proves the cost of the inspection paid for itself many times over, on the order of 100 times!!!

  • The foundation of the patio area was sloping back to the home, which as Randy pointed out would pool water especially given this area is sandwiched between the pool and the home.

  • The 2 chimneys were failing at the top which = a lot of $$ to have repaired, not knowing what damage had possibly been done inside the chimney was not a gamble we were willing to make.

  • Several areas of roof leaks.

  • Several areas of siding leaks, seen in the attic area.

  • Randall found what appeared to be a “patch in process” as he called it in the garage, which looked like the sellers were attempting to cover-up an active roof leak that damaged the ceiling in the garage.

C. Carroll