Buyer Inspections

Warranty Inspections

The warranty

A newly constructed home will have at least a one year builder warranty, this is a very important part of the home purchase. Too many new home owners allow the warranty review to lapse due to the pace of life and subsequently miss out on possible $1000’s in builder covered repairs.

The Inspection

 Your Covenant Inspections professional will perform a complete and thorough review of:

  1. Systems

  2. Overall Structure

  3. And will include cosmetic concerns, this is an area many inspectors will not take the time.

The inspection has many areas/systems to be investigated (but not limited to the following):

Cosmetic ConcernsElectricalRoofingPlumbing Water Heater(s)RoofingWindowsDoorsGarage door openersAppliancesExteriorsGradingInterior wallsFlooring/Tile work
Electrical items covered here
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Top Repair Items

#1 The Indoor Wall Crack

By far the top repair item now is indoor wall cracking, this is considered a cosmetic item and again many inspectors simply will not look for it nor report it.  Almost every new home has this to some degree or another simply due to two factors:
– The speed at which homes are constructed, does not allow for trapped moisture to escape before walls are enclosed.
– The extremely wet wood used to frame homes today, again the rapid build pace demands massive quantities of lumber, daily; this negates properly cured/dried lumber as was the case years ago.

This all leads to massive amounts of water trapped inside the walls (in the lumber), eventually the lumber must “stabilize with environment”.  As the lumber dries, it will move just enough to a great deal to create from minor to major separation wall cracks, generally this occurs at the joints of the wallboard (the weakest link) however at times the movement is so great a crack forms in the middle of a panel.

Lastly, it is imperative to hire an inspector having a strong knowledge of this condition and WILL REPORT IT.


Other Repairs (no particular order)

  • Garage door Safety/Maintenance

    The vehicle overhead door weighs on average between 150 to 500 pounds.

    Springs are instrumental to a properly functioning door and to ensure a long lasting door opener motor.

    The warranty inspection should greatly entail the garage door, NOT simply does it work and do the eye beams work.

  • Fire safety/Smoke detector Testing

    Many builders to this day do not see the dire importance of ensuring a detector is installed properly, a few inches closer to the ceiling on the wall can give persons as much as 10 additional minutes to escape.
    There is significant training to understand correct home fire safety.

    Smoke detectors should be functionally tested with fake smoke NOT simply pushing the button.