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New Construction

Final Inspections

Many times new homes are fully completed before a set of phased inspections can be performed.  Ideally, when building a home opting for the phased inspection is unarguably the most prudent course of action, however this does come with a higher price tag; this added cost generally pays for itself by noting issues to be corrected BEFORE they can be covered up with:

  • Insulation
  • gypsum board (Sheetrock)
  • Roof coverings
  • Etc.

Phased inspections are as follows:

I. Pre-pour inspection.This is one of the most important and least taken advantage phase of all.  Once the concrete is in place, there is almost no way to know if or where the faults will occur.

  • Verify beam trenches are clear and correct sizing
  • Verify concrete forms are properly supported
  • Verify slab tensile supports are proper
  • Verify plumbing is proper and insulated
  • Anchor bolts/tie-down strapping are in appropriate and correct placement.

II. Post-pour inspection

  • Verify elevations are correct, anchor bolts/tie-down strapping are solid
  • Verify the slab finish for major defects

III.Open wall inspection

     The most important review of all items hidden behind walls:

  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • stud work
  • gas lines
  • air barriers
  • foam sealing
  • etc.

IV. Insulation inspection.

Many times this must be completed during 2 or more visits depending on the type of insulation installed and the overall schedule.

V. Final inspection.

The final inspection of the home dictated by TREC and NACHI SOP requirements to ensure a professional and most qualified inspection has been provided for your newly constructed home.

An average quote for a phased set of inspections is:
$ 1600 – 1800

  *Any rescheduled visits beyond  2 rescheduled visits will be billed with a $50 additional trip fee.

If further help is needed regarding reading of plans to verify placement of receptacles, for example, this service is a extra hourly rate of $75/hr (typically most builders provide this at no extra charge).